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Colorado Civil Rights Law Lawyers and Attorneys

Benezra & Culver represents plaintiffs against abusive governmental practices and are experienced in all areas of civil rights law. Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. The attorneys at Benezra & Culver represent individuals in civil rights cases that involve the First Amendment and your right to free speech.

If you have been a victim of excessive force, police misconduct, or governmental abuse of power, our attorneys will help you take the necessary steps to seek justice in a court of law. We also take on cases of prosecutorial misconduct, in which an innocent person was subjected to groundless criminal charges.

We also advocate for the rights of students in school’s, especially in cases of gender discrimination and disabilities. If you believe your civil rights have been violated by an educational institution, click the link below to get started with one of our attorneys.

The Firm of Benezra & Culver represents clients in non-employment related civil rights actions. These actions primarily arise from arbitrary and unconstitutional actions by government entities and employees. The firm has particular experience in bringing actions for violation of constitutional rights under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, as well as other federal civil rights statutes including Title IX of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and all aspects of the Americans With Disabilities Act.